• Serve as a central platform for branding of all schools
  • Brings recognition and promotion for school in the region
  • Trending schools can help public/parents decide on admissions
  • Schools can display their achievements on the website
  • Provides separate information page for each school
  • Organize monthly events for all the registered schools
  • Host online competitions for schools and individual students
  • Plan annual award ceremony for the best performing schools


  • Increase brand value & Easy connect with public
  • Publicize achievements to public & competitor schools


  • Explore school capabilities to suit their Child
  • Analyze boards, activities & trends of schools in their region


  • Compete with fellow mates across schools
  • Exhibit talents regionally and not school specific
  • Easy access to online events


  • Can host events and workshop for students
  • Increase Brand Value & Easy connect with students which can improve admissions

  • Provides data on current board of education
  • Details about Institution Capabilities, Admissions, Achievements & Facilities

  • Spotlight Unsung Heroes
  • Award achievers in a centralized platform

  • Analyze capabilities and publish trending institutions
  • Expert opinions on evaluation for trending criteria would help intuitions refine

  • Organize online events and live/physical competitions
  • Conduct inter-school meets
  • Publicize over social media platform


  • Online events will be held on a periodic basis
  • Events will emphasize on co-curricular & extra-curricular abilities
  • Any student can register for it irrespective of schools
  • Student winners will be recognized on the centralized platform showcasing the talent all over the region
  • Various live events & competitions like debates, public speaking, oration will be conducted on periodic basis
  • Certificates & Awards presented will add accolades to the winners
  • Publicize winners on Social Media platforms with video coverages on channels of YouTube & Facebook
  • Career guidance sessions will be organized for students to help them choose their avenues for the future
  • Experienced Guest speakers will enlighten students on various domains
  • Enables refined search of schools for parents
  • Easy access to Admission related information
  • Parents receive updates about any schools via email.